Can we still find sea forts and deep under water wrecks?

I remember in a older version years ago you used to be able to find shipwrecks randomly out at sea under water wondering if that is still a thing? Also what about sea forts are those still able to be found? Thank you

shipwrecks are randomly generated, and sometimes on in-game islands, those wrecks might be underwater on the far edges.

Sea forts are no longer found on “autogenerated” islands; aka, those made when you get a randomly generated “world” of islands. However, the sea fort objects are still available in the Cartographer, so if you “create” your own island, you can add them. Also, there are some people who create islands, and then share them for download; so you can copy them into your local folder, to add to your ‘world’. Quite often those custom isle builders will incorporate sea forts into their builds.

Well that’s a shame I have seen YouTube videos of them and they look pretty cool no idea why they would remove them. Thank you for the info.

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Agreed with this, I have seen an airplane wreck in ages as well…