Can we get a time estimate?

Any way we could get an estimate on how long it will be until we see another update? Basic stability fixes are much needed and anticipated :smiley:

it’s hard to give an estimated time especially if you are on console. Finding the problem, rewriting code so it doesn’t mess anything else up. If you are on console, it is a different language and you are dealing with different ports. Once tested it is given to Playstation and XBox for them to okay it and put it in the game. It is a long drawn out process especially for an indie game producers (this game started with only 2 people).

I fully understand the process, however I do know that a small estimate that they can’t be completely bound to is also more than possible. All I (and I’m sure most of the SD community) would want is to know if we are looking at days, weeks, or months until we see some stability fixes. :slight_smile:

In all fairness, many of the issues have been in the ‘Known Issues’ section of the forums for months. They know about a number of problems people have been suffering through, but have never officially said if/when any of them would be addressed. Letting us know if they even plan on fixing any of these issues would be nice.

IMHO The long process of getting a fix implemented is no excuse. They have had months in most cases to do something. The small dev team is no excuse. It’s awesome and amazing that a two person dev team made the original game. They did an amazing job. The actual game is released on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation. They are playing with the big boys now, if your team isn’t big enough to provide a working and stable game, then hire more staff. You don’t see many other games with, major, year old bugs getting sold on the PS store.

Many people who loved the game have already dropped it because it’s riddled with bugs that really mess with your gameplay. Nothing like spending days working on something only for a 6 month old glitch to ruin your work.


I agree 100%, this game has grossed millions and major things being ignored, it’s tough out here! Just an estimate on when these things could be addressed and more transparency from the dev team would be amazing.