Can the PlayStation Trophy List Cover be Updated?

The current image cover for the trophy list is bad, so is it possible to update the cover to something better?
Preferably something like the image attached!

Edit: This suggestion is for both the EU and NA trophy stacks.

Hi ZodiacWolve, welcome to the forums,

To ensure I understand your suggestion correctly, are you refering to the Icon a the top of the list when you look at the trophies via the PlayStation console, or are you refering to elsewhere? From what I can see on my PlayStation is an image of the 3 boss trophies in a raft.

I just want to make sure I have the right info before passing the suggestion onto the team.

Thank you.

Yes. I’m referring to the 3 boss trophies on a raft.

Thank you for your time.

Is it possible to get an update on this?

Hi ZodiacWolve,

Thank you for confirming that is the image you are refering to.

I have passed your suggestion onto the team for their consideration. However I cannot confirm at this time if this will be something they will be updating. Currently their focus is on issue reports regarding gameplay submitted by players.

Hi, there’s been enough time passed, is it possible for the trophy cover to be updated now? Please.

Hi ZodiacWolve,

Thank you again for your feedback. The updating of the trophy image is at the dev teams discreation, and while I will reiterate your feedback to them, I cannot say if they will decide to change it or not.