Can’t load or save a multiplayer map

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Hi so the problem I’m having is I can’t load or save a multiplayer game like I can start a new one but I can’t save it and come back to it and I don’t know what’s wrong but it gets kinda annoying when you get so far then you have to leave the game and you have to restart all over again I don’t know if it’s a bug but ab a year ago I was able to load a saved multiplayer map but now I can’t I’ve had to restart like 5 times already

The game will load just fine, it’ll look like you’re starting again but it’ll pick up right where you saved from

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Hi Excalibur_1200, welcome to the forums,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your post.

Can you elaborate on what you are seeing when you save and reload a save? As Lothaer mentioned, sometimes the multiplayer game looks like you’re starting a new save, but when you load in all your progress has been saved.

Please note that the progress stats for the slot “Days Survived” only refers to the single player save. This would display as 0 Days if you have not got a single player save in the same slot.

However, if every time you do load in to a completely fresh save, this is an issue the team are investigating and one workaround shared by players has been to create a single player save within the same slot (just progress far enough to save the game once) and then try to load your multiplayer save. This should prompt the “Continue” option to display if there is a multiplayer game available, or should allow you to save and progress via multiplayer.

I completely understand how frustrating restarting can be. Please let me know if the workaround above works for you and if not, any additional details provided about your experience would be greatly appreciated and may help the team continue investigating these issues or it may help me suggest other workarounds to try.