Campsite Day 14

I’ve one been playing for a few days and I am thoroughly enjoy it.

Here is a pic of my campsite at dawn of Day 14

Left to right

2x corrugated farming plots with pipi in them
8x containers. 6 on shelves 2 on the ground W/ crude hoe, solar light and leather water skin on the lower containers.

Loom and Tanning rack in the back

4x Water Stills behind my shelter and next to the a Meat Smoker with Hobo Stove and in between another solar light.

In the back on the right is my furnace.

I do hope you guys have feature and content updates planned for the console versions of the game, please don’t let it become stagnant.


Lovely setup Lothaer - and a wonderful capture of it! I’m nowhere near this organised by Day 14 :tired_face:

I love the combination of glowing furnace and lanterns about the camp too :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ve managed to some more to the island.

I’m on day 30

I have a
Fuel Still
Brick Station
Plank Station
Two more farming plots (1 with Aloe Vera)

I’ve also managed to fine Woolie.