Bugs,errors ps5/ps4 1.18 (2121)

Platform PS5/PS4 Version 1.18(2121)
NAT type of the hot is 2, me and my teammate have same ISP and router,we switching all regions its does not help.
My teammate and I are experiencing problems with crashes from the game with the Stays alive Timeout error and periodic crashes from the game, problems with disappearing containers, the inability to inspect a bunch of resources created by an teammate and invisibility or incorrect location of buildings for teammate.The error occurs with a set of water in the tank, the water collected disappears after the set and the flask remains empty, as well as after sleep, the teammate does not waste stamina, there is also an error with the display of data: SPF, food, water and oxygen.

Hi RIDSLER, welcome to the forums,

I am sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues in Stranded Deep multiplayer.

Thank you for providing that initial information. From your description it sounds like there are a number of desync issues occurring between the host and player 2.

Please let me know:

  • What ISP and router type are you both using?
  • By saying you have the same, are you both in the same household on the same connection, or on separate connections?
  • Do the same issues occur if you switch who is hosting? (Note this would be a different save file, so if the issues take some time to appear, a difference may not be noticeable right away)
  • Are you able to play for a short period before the desync issues occur or are they instant?
  • Have these issues always existed in your save, or did they start to occur after some gameplay time and in-game days had passed?
  • What in-game day are you on?
  • Do you cycle custom islands in your save to bring in additional resources to the game?
  • When the crashes / disconnects occur, do they occur for both the Host and Player 2 or just player 2?

I understand that these desyncs and disconnects can be frustrating and any additional information about your issues would be greatly appreciated and may allow me to offer some suggestions.

ISP-PJSC Vimpelcom
Router type TP-Link ARCHER AC50
We both in same house,for now desync is instant.Issues strat after 40 in-game days,we are on 66 in-game day,we dont cycle custom islands in your save to bring in additional resources to the game.Crashes / disconnects occur just player 2.


Thank you for sharing that additional info.

While the team are continuing to investigate the causes of desyncs and work on triggers they have found for them, we are also aware that sometimes 2 playstations in the same household can have issues with connecting.

If possible, and in order to rule this out as a cause, if you are able to try with one of you being on an alternate connection, such as a mobile hotspot, so see if the issue still persists, please let me know. However I do understand this is not always an ideal thing to check for players.

Given however that you noticed the issues occuring after 40 in-game days. There may be another cause to this.

Would you say you have a significant amount collected or built up on your base island and if you play primarily on a smaller island with less items, does the issue still persist for you?

How many crates would you estimate you have on your island either in shelves or on the ground? (including any attached to your raft).

I know the team are working on fixes for some desync issues for the next update which may help your save. While I do not know when that update will be released, I will post in News and Announcements as soon as I have more information.

In the meantime I will pass on any additional info you share to the team as it may help them in their investigation into desyncs.