Bugs do PS4//Invisible Bugs!

Meu amigo e eu não conseguimos avançar muito no jogo porque sempre tem um momento em que vários itens e coisas começam a ficar invisivel para a pessoa que não é o HOST, ou seja eu. Isso nos obriga a parar de jogar porque a balsa fica invisivel para quem não é o HOST. Quando não é isso são as desconexões em excesso.

2107 o código que aparece no menu
Jogamos no PS4
Jogamos no WIFI
Região America do Sul

Translation added by Clare using Google Translate:

My friend and I can’t get very far in the game because there’s always a moment when various items and things start to become invisible to the person who isn’t the HOST, that is me. This forces us to stop playing because the raft is invisible to anyone who is not the HOST. When this is not the case, there are excessive disconnections.

2107 the code that appears in the menu
We play on PS4
We play on WIFI
South America Region

Hi Ygamers-0, welcome to the forums,

I added an English translation to your post as we ask all users to please do this when posting in other languages as all our Mods are English speakers and it helps us to run the forum more effectively.

I’m sorry to hear your having issues with items turning invisible and disconnections within in the game. It sounds like you are experiencing a desync between Player 2 and the host.

Please let me know:

  • Are you both in the same household using the same connection, or seperate households?
  • In your console network settings, what NAT type is displayed? If Player 2 and the host have two different NAT types, please confirm for me which is which.
  • What brand of router and ISP do you both use?
  • Have you tried any other regions when playing multiplayer? Is so, please let me know if trying another region or “Auto” helped at all.
  • Have you noticed any common occurances that result in your disconnects - eg:
    • When travelling between islands
    • When on your base island
    • When when on surrounding islands
    • When performing a particular action
    • When you are further apart in the game… etc
  • Similarly, did you notice if the disconnects, desyncs or inability to see items occured after…
    • X days had passed
    • After you had built or crafted a certain item or brought an item back to your island
    • After using crates from different islands / custom islands
    • After you gathered X crates or items.

Thank you

-We are in a separate house

  • NAT type 2
    -TP Link Router
    -We tried other regions but the bug still persisted
    -When traveling between islands, there is only a small rendering crash, but we noticed that after arriving in other islands, the server becomes more efficient, which results in several errors of making player 2 exit the client several times and consequently desynchronization occurs, making the Invisible protection items.
    Usually the bug occurs after the 10th and on another island other than the main one. The bug occurs when the server is intermittently disconnecting player 2 several times until the bug occurs

Hi Ygamers-0,

Thank you for confirming that info for me.

I will pass this info onto the team investigating gameplay desyncs in multiplayer.

Please also let me know:

  • Have you noticed if this issue might start to occur after both players try to interact with or use the same item?
  • On the islands where this occurs for you, Do you have a lot of loose items, resources stockpiled or a large amount of constructions?

If you do have a significant number of loose items, please try placing them in crates or using the piles feature to store them. This may help reduce the issues you are seeing.

No, but we noticed that this bug always occurs on big islands that have big pigs and big crabs, and on those islands we had some basic buildings

Please, I ask you to try to solve it soon because it is a good game and we don’t want to uninstall it

Hi Ygamers-0,

Sorry for my delay in responding to you. Thank you for confirming where you’ve noticed this issue occurring more frequently. I’ll pass this info onto the team.

The team is working to investigate and address issues reported by players as quickly as possible. I understand this issue can be frustrating when it occurs during gameplay. If you notice anything else you believe could be related to this issue, please let me know.

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