Hey, I play on console (ps4) and I’m having a ton of bugs and disconnects from friends server. Crude spear not taking fish off, crates showing no inventory (when there is) , disconnect from friends server atleast 4-5 times in the few hours we play. Any advice in regards to this or is anyone experiencing the same?

It’s probably due to online still being updated and fixed

The disconnects and bugs will soon be gone

Hi Kris4, sorry for my delay in responding to your post, thank you for reporting these issues.

Regarding the inventory not showing up for player 2:
The team are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. Currently the known workaround is to have the host remove and re-add the items which should allow you to see them.

Regarding the disconnects you are experiencing, can you please confirm for me:

  • Is the version number you are both playing v2107? (this number is displayed in the bottom left of the main menu)
  • Are you both in the same household using the same connection, or seperate households?
  • What connection type are you both using? (wired, wifi, 4/5G)
  • In your console network settings, what NAT type is displayed? If yourself and the host have two different NAT types, please confirm for me which is which.
  • What brand of router and ISP do you use?
  • What region are you using for the multiplayer save? (if you’ve tried multiple regions please let me know if performed better than others)
  • In the save itself, have you noticed any common occurances that result in your disconnects - eg:
    • When travelling between islands
    • When on your base island
    • When when on surrounding islands
    • When performing a particular action
    • When you are further apart in the game… etc
  • Similarly, did you notice if the disconnects of issues with the crates started occuring after…
    • X days had passed
    • After you had built or crafted a certain item or brought an item back to your island
    • After you had gathered X number of crates
    • After storing specific items

I completely understand how frustrating disconnects can be during gameplay and any additional infomation you can provide can help the team to narrow down the causes of disconnects for players. As each player’s setup is different, trying to find the common thread can be difficult so any info about your setup is greatly appreciated. It may also help me to suggest some workarounds for you to try to see if we can reduce the number of disconnects in your game.

Thank you.

Using your list I’ve found the most common ways my friend and I disconnect. To start with, we both are running version 2107, in the same household hardlined to the router. Our nat type is type 2, wired to a Rogers ignite router.
When we play, we are typically using the Canada and Japan servers, Japan was working better however lately has been acting up just as much. We experience disconnects when on our base island, especially when returning with harvested goods and supplies, preforming certain actions/ crafting. Also, as we gathered more crates for storage, got more glitchy/ disconnects when approaching our base island. I also just wanted to ask out of curiosity, is there any future plans to have multiplayer including more than 2 people?

Thank you for your help

Hi Kris,

Thank you for taking the time to observe common ways you disconnect and let us know what you found.

If you’re harvesting a lot of islands and have points where there are a lot of loose items on your island, that may be slowing down your game and may have an impact on maintaining a sync with Player 2. Even with adding a lot of loose items into crates, if you have a very large amount I can see how that would have an impact to an extent.

Would you experience the same glitches or disconnects if you were traveling with an empty raft with just the two of you on board, no additional items?

Do you know roughly how many crates you would have on your island at this point?

I’ll pass the details you’ve shared onto the team so they can look into this further.

Regarding increasing multiplayer, at the moment the team do not have any plans to expand multiplayer or add new features. Their main focus right now is to address issues reported by the community.

Thank you again for sharing that info!