Bug: Rain INSIDE shelters

Devs working on it not raining inside buildings ?

While you are at it… add wind during storms please !

Thank you !

Put water stills in your shelter and you will be happy the rain comes into your shelter lol

Hi Techie1970 - welcome to the forums

I am moving this to the console bug report section, please report any issues there in the furture.

I shall pass the feedback with regards to the wind onto the team.

For the rain entering shelters, is there a particular roof type you are using or do you find this occurs with all roof types for you?

Please also confirm for me if you’re playing on XB1 or PS4.

I’ve seen this indoor rain “bug” (could be a visual glitch), mostly with wooden structures.

I’ve not seen it with clay buildings yet, but it’s definitely present with the wooden ones. Not sure on planks as those are rather resource-expensive compared to basic stick housing, so I typically avoid building with that material.

Forgot to mention, but I haven’t added roofing to any of my houses yet in the game, so I can’t confirm roofing to be a factor in this. I do typically add second floors to my homes, though.

When I built my first place in the other thread, it still rained inside as well, but since I tend to put water stills inside my shelters, i kinda like the rain coming inside too lol.

Thank you both for that infomation. I’ll write a report for the team to investigate and also check if this should be the case for some building parts or not.


Follow up to this: This is a visual bug the team are aware of and not intended based on roof types etc.


Are you saying I shouldn’t put water stills in shelters no more because it might get fixed? Lol

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Uh…I guess be prepared to move it or put a hole in your roof when it is fixed :thinking:

While it’s a known issue it’s not at the top of the bugs list right now so you’d probably have a while before you need to remodel. :slight_smile:

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Lol No problem, I haven’t been able to in this play through because it wont go on foundations now