Bug at the beginning of the game / Bug al principio del Juego

At the beginning of the game, it asks me to press C to bring up the crafting menu, which I do but it doesn’t count as a completed stage.
I can’t progress in the game due to this error.

Hi Nicolaspertus11,

I edited your title so it includes an english translation and moved your post to the PC Bug Reports section as it was posted in the Console version.

While I work primarily with console myself and will alert someone on the PC side to this issue.

In the meantime, if you are pressing and holding C, this will bringup the quickcraft menu instead of tapping C, which brings up the full crafting menu. If you were initially bringing up the quickcraft menu, this may not register for the tutorial step.

Hi nicolaspuertus11,

As per Clare’s reply, can you ensure that you are tapping C rather than holding it?
Does the crafting menu appear?

If the crafting menu appears after you tap C, can you describe the exact tutorial message that is on the screen please.