Better inventory management

It would be nice to be able to switch to a different item even when inventory is full. For example, if I’m currently holding an axe and my inventory is full and I want to drop something that’s in my inventory, I can’t switch to the thing I want to drop. It just says my inventory is full. I have to first drop my axe, then switch to the item I really wanted to drop, drop that, then pick my axe back up. This is really cumbersome and really irritates my friend that I’m playing a co-op game with.


Yes! I would love to be able to drop items straight from inventory. And would like for the inventory to stay open after one button press, too. I feel like there should be a toggle for whether I want to hold the tab button down all the time or not.

This is actually the main point why I stopped playing after 2-3 hours back in March. Handling inventory was too frustrating for me.
I’ve picked it up again now, to see if something changed in the last updates, but unfortunately it didn’t :frowning: Not sure if I’ll keep playing this time, but I doubt it. I’ll probably pick it up again in another year or so and hope things will still be improved, even after the full release…
I want to fight the dangers on the islands, not the user interface and how it handles things.

100% Agree they should either drop from inventory or at least be able to swap items.

Its especially annoying when its dark and you cant find the item you dropped until daytime because your not carrying a flashlight - more so when its the axe and giant crabs are spawning.

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You can drop items directly from inventory if you hold right click on that item. I don’t know if hantacore included it yet in his tweaks mod but I also made a little thing where you only have to click instead of hold

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Thanks for the tip… Ill have to give it a try…