Beta testing for consoles

@Clare I’m curious… Is there a site or place we could go to and apply to be Beta testers for this game and future updates? It seems the game kinda needs this and it shouldn’t cost the Devs anything if its a volunteer thing. Something where we could play future versions of the game to be released and then give feedback and report bugs prior to the patch or update release.


This would be good. I could definitely offer up valuable information if made available.
I play on PS4 & PS5.

Yeah, I tested for ‘‘Rust’’ prior to its release. Seems this game could really really use this feature, as this last update would have definitely been caught and then saved others from having this experience. I ended this game long ago. So its all the same. Hit a tree, pick some fiber, build some stuff and kill a shark… Thing is… Testing for glitches would be a welcoming experience. Finding them or not wouldn’t bother me one bit. I sometimes just start a new game out of boredom. There is only so much to do after you complete it.

Hmm, we don’t have a site like that, no. I do know the team used the Xbox Insider program for the initial multiplayer tests but have not heard any plans for further beta testing on consoles.

I appreciate the offer of help, support and feedback regarding this. I shall pass it onto the team. Should they decide to go with testing in the format of the insider program or similar again, they’ll likely make an announcement for the community. :slight_smile:


What machine are you on, Dan? I’m on XB1 and was gonna look for a testing partner. Basically have fun doing our thing and if we find bugs, start investigating and finding workarounds. Guerrilla-style and without official endorsement, of course.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: If you’re on XB feel free to hit me up.
@Clare: Starting an “official” testing team could be as casual as recruiting a few people like DanBurke420 and myself who have some experience and are willing to help. Give us access to a private testing forum and we can report there.

Xbox1 S for now. Can’t find an XboxX

I’ll pass that suggestion onto the team Sergeant_Larson - not sure if they’d go for a separate testing section of the forums to be honest as the versions wouldn’t be different. But you never know - I’ll pass it along to them anyway :slight_smile:
I appreciate your enthusiasim and willing to help and report any issues you find while playing.