Being able to carry a bucket/large items on the gyro

It would be so awesome to be able to carry large things with the gyro! Simply attaching a rope to a large object (such as container parts or animals like hogs, sharks)
Trying to get these items on a raft is very inefficient and troublesome, seems this would be a great compromise! Maybe a bucket of some sort that could hold some crates as well!


I like this idea it would also give us a way to transport tires and barrels since they can’t be put in inventory


I think this is a cool idea! For now, this is the raft I use to transport larger items. You can transport the container panels and doors from island to island quite easily with this design, although it is a rather slow process. Place the panels in the square space with no floor and they won’t fall off your raft. You can also use this trick to transport sharks/animals and even a gyrocopter. just make sure whatever you are moving is centered or evenly distributed on the raft.

For tires and barrels, I just attach them to my raft to take them with me, just make sure that they are not attached to more than one section of your raft or you won’t be able to remove them.

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