Bases at every island

I know I am making a lot of threads but trying:

  1. to get this forum active
  2. get some questions/ideas of mine answered
  3. help others who might have same issues.

Anyway, with this particular question. Do most people tend to make one base and venture out from there or do you make mini bases at all islands? I was debating on making a tent, water purifier, and camp fire/smoker at every island. Do you think this is smart or a waste of material that could be used to make the home camp just out of this world? My current home base I am working on a 3 story building with a deck and garden on top.

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I have gone and put water still and camp fire on all island besides my custom islands as I am constantly remaking them to farm materials.

On my raft I keep the following materials in crates to make

Camp fire
Water still
Plank Station

I also carry a sleeping bag so no need to make shelter in all islands.

Stored on my raft I also have some rations and baked beans and some antidotes.

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How do you make room for the storage on your raft? I know the ps4 cant use shelves to place crates like the PC. I did see a go-around on a video where you make a raft but the middle tile, you make the raft base but not a raft floor. This gives you a little cut out where you can place 4 crates and they will not fall off raft. However, that still really only gives 12 slots. All those materials would take over half those slots. I feel like I can never really move materials from island to island without making 10 trips. Very time intensive.

Also, why plank station? For the infinite refined ax? I just learned about that and that is awesome!!! Which brings me to hammer, is there a way to get better hammers? I have gone through like 10 making my house and its not even 1/4 done.

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Shelves can be built on rafts on ps4 since patch 5.


You can put shelves on a raft on PS4

As for why a plank station I use it to turn all the tree I chop down into planks of wood, it beats bringing all the logs back to base first.

Also you can find Refined Hammers in chests and cupboards/lockers on boats etc

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I place a Base Camp (shelter, water still, and Fire pit) on every island. When moving island to island i usually stay long enough to need sleep food and water so knowing that these basic amenities are on each island makes the trips a little less stressfull.

Needess to say, when im heading to a new island i take the materials needed to craft a base camp.


Awesome! Thank you for the tips! I didn’t think we could do shelves. This will open up so much more for me!!!

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