Base Building Victory

Firstly just want to say great work so far! I do have freezes and crashes while island hopping but I’m sure that’s a priority fix for the team.

My question is have you guys considered creating an alternate win condition? Perhaps as you expand and increase the items in the game you could make it so if you create a situation where your base is essentially self-sustaining and you don’t necessarily have to escape any longer, maybe you can win that way?

I enjoy the base building process and would love to see it further expanded with more options of floor and wall types, and knickknacks for decoration. An alternative to lanterns would be awesome. Maybe a way to rig torches where they never die out, so you could have a more natural light source?

Anyway, keep up the good work, just wanted to pass along my thoughts!

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Thanks for the feedback, I love the idea of an economic victory style win condition!
We’ll pass that and the other suggestions on to the team, though obviously I don’t know if they will or will not be implemented someday.

Keep an eye on the announcements section for future features.

Feel free to pop over to the Crashing thread to share your feedback about the crashes, it seriously makes a difference.

We really appreciate that you stopped by to pass along your thoughts.

[Edit]: Moved this post to the “Suggestions” section.