Avatar animation problems

Because of the Avatar animation problems I can no longer read the compass

yeah im getting reports from alot of players that hands are now bugged

one said …" They broke the game on my pc. Flashlight don’t aim in the right way, compass and different tools do not show up, only his hand. And the flying pigs are still a thing"…

another said …“hands are bugged now” …

we are gonna need a patch to fix the patch that fixed old bugs …FFS

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Thanks for the report. We haven’t seen any reports come through for this, but we will keep an eye out.

It will help if you have more information on the issue – system specs, operating system, platform (Steam, Epic)
Are you using any mods?

The glitch seems to revolve around the spear throw animation. So far the compass is unusable, and the flashlight is unusable. The axe seems to bring it back 90% of the time. I am still testing.
Though I was able to kill Lusca in 15 seconds it is in fact game breaking.

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v1.0.16.0 is rolling out now with a fix. @Santeria, thanks for helping us fix this quickly.

No problem. If you need to test things in the future, just ask. Nice job on the quick patch! Cheers.

Can we talk about the label maker in multiplayer? hahah