Auto Saving System

I suggest making an auto saving system. Me and my brother played for about 3 hours. We made a lot of progress and then suddenly the game disconnected us both. We had totally forgot saving because we are not used to it.

Please make a auto saving system, wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore then.

I think with all the problems this game has, probably would screw your game with some bug and save after, forcing you to restart a new game.

I’m good with no auto save. It gives a lot more freedom. Most notably when you have very little gyrocopter fuel and want to look around.

I went swimming with Meg earlier.

Saving in multiple slots would be great too. With an auto save function using a different slot. This is what seems to be common in other games.

Its a good idea soda. Maybe make it to where its an option in the game to have auto save or shelter save enabled?