Area Loot Feature

I find that very often resources like fiber and clay fall into geometry or get obscured by plants and i cant quite target it to pick it up. With yucca fiber i can use the area crafting to get at the fiber by crafting lashing. At the expense of not having the fiber for other uses. But with clay, its lost to davy joneses locker.

It’d be nice if we had an area loot feature. Maybe highlighting a visible resource and holding the loot button loots all of that resource in the area?

Just a thought.

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Especially the clay. Does the clay only have to be under water? Sometimes this problem occurs with the rock deposits.

I like your idea.

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It ■■■■■ most when clay is right on the edge of the drop-off and most of it just falls into the abyss.

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I noticed when yucca is near a large tree or rock face and fibers gets trapped inside, you can usually crouch and press up against the tree or rock face and move around until you can see and pick up the fibers through it.

However, when harvested rocks fall inside bushes, I’ve not been able to see through a bush in the same way. I had not thought of trying to craft the hidden items as IggySoda mentioned. I am curious now if I can craft those rocks I thought were lost forever inside the bushes. Will be trying that soon!

@Jondeg yes it works with rocks as well. Stone tools can be crafted like lashing with fiber.