An idea for future update

Just a thought…it would be purely AWESOME if we could have ability to build a “snake trap”. Lemme know y’all think :thinking::grin:

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Just as a general idea, yes. Sometimes they can be very sneaky, I had one under one of my planting plots and I didn’t know it was there till it bit me. The messed up part is I didn’t know which one it was under. Thankfully after a couple of days it finally came out from there and I was able to get rid of it

I like this idea, but what are the current respawn rates of snakes?

I believe 2 days, maybe 3, I’m an island hermit lol I won’t leave my island for a week sometimes because I’m doing something and I just want to sit and work on it. Of course, waiting for rain while just sitting on one island for days and weeks is counterproductive considering the game mainly triggers rain only when you are always going out to sea, not staying on one island for long periods.

Sorry for the run on paragraph lol, my point was, I usually see the respawns when they are happening. They drop from the sky lol

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