Additional ways of obtaining wood


I know this is not a wish concert. But maybe some suggestion will materialize in the game:mage:

I do not know how many days it takes to strip all the islands from wood, e.g. by building intensively. But I know the islands lose their charm after logging.

Or you want to long stay in the built main base but there is no wood here. :rowing_man:

Any way to make renewable wood would be a valuable change.

  1. A tree from which branches can be broken without destroying it (climb a tree, break off). After some time, the branches grow back. The mechanics already exist (Yucca, Palm). The ideal for this seems to be: Ficus Tree, Ficus Tree 2 (Cartographer). It would be so natural. And ecological. :deciduous_tree:

  2. Palm trees grow back after logging. Even for a very long time. :palm_tree:

  3. Cultivated sapling (like Yucca). After the branches are broken off, the trunk remains, giving rise to new wood. :seedling:


i agree with some long time period of regrowing trees. even 30 days or 60 days for a small palms or ficus trees to regrow. Or coconut planting, like some sort of possibility to make yourself a palm… just coconut, in crafting planted coconut and then just water it to grow into full. Something like that would be nice i think.

sorry for my english :slight_smile:


It would be so natural… At the beginning of the game, I was surprised that this couldn’t be done.

This is so true! Another option would be for the developers to add Bamboo to the game - it is present on Pacific islands and would be a FANTASTIC building material option! And it grows so fast so it could “realistically” respawn quickly like Yucca. Honestly I was shocked it wasn’t in the game! It makes so much more sense than chopping down palm trees for wooden sticks!


I like this idea. It would be perfect for creating irrigation systems for crops. And how great it would be for building the raft components. FANTASTIC - that’s the right word.

I agree. What tends to happen is I run out of wood then raft to another island and get lost as trying to navigate without an in-game map (cartographer is hit and miss with North being not-up) is tricky.

A logical option could be that palm saplings grow to juvenile (non-harvestable) then full-grown palm trees so the player has the balancing challenge of breaking the sapling for fibrous leaves or leaving it alone to grow into a palm. This would be similar to the carrots and potatoes feature in Minecraft where you can eat the carrot straight away or plant it and grow more.

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I agree. The very name of ‘palm sapling’ suggests that they will grow. If this is not the case, they should be called: always young palm sapling.

If you grow a lot of yucca, it will be enough for the ropes and the fire. Jedanak it takes a long time. Anyway, the leaves of large palm trees are better for burning a fire. But are there so many of them?

From the player’s point of view, it is more convenient to have more wood harvesting options.

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I initially assumed they would grow into mature palms.

Me too. I did not cut it for a long time, watching if it would grow. Maybe we wait too short. A few hundred days might not be enough?

I’d love to see palms growing up. It would make cutting trees more strategic. Maybe you want to skip those small palms because they’ll grow large later. Leave a large one untouched so small ones can start to appear. Cut everything and be a sad panda.