Additional ways of obtaining wood


I know this is not a wish concert. But maybe some suggestion will materialize in the game:mage:

I do not know how many days it takes to strip all the islands from wood, e.g. by building intensively. But I know the islands lose their charm after logging.

Or you want to long stay in the built main base but there is no wood here. :rowing_man:

Any way to make renewable wood would be a valuable change.

  1. A tree from which branches can be broken without destroying it (climb a tree, break off). After some time, the branches grow back. The mechanics already exist (Yucca, Palm). The ideal for this seems to be: Ficus Tree, Ficus Tree 2 (Cartographer). It would be so natural. And ecological. :deciduous_tree:

  2. Palm trees grow back after logging. Even for a very long time. :palm_tree:

  3. Cultivated sapling (like Yucca). After the branches are broken off, the trunk remains, giving rise to new wood. :seedling:

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i agree with some long time period of regrowing trees. even 30 days or 60 days for a small palms or ficus trees to regrow. Or coconut planting, like some sort of possibility to make yourself a palm… just coconut, in crafting planted coconut and then just water it to grow into full. Something like that would be nice i think.

sorry for my english :slight_smile:


It would be so natural… At the beginning of the game, I was surprised that this couldn’t be done.