Adding wind effect


I came across a wording on the forum that the game developers are planning to go towards realism.
Important, if not the most important, is the wind and its influence on the characters in the game and on the game world.

The influence of wind on vegetation

It would be beautiful if the vegetation moved under the influence of the wind. Especially during a storm. Perhaps this requires redesigning the vegetation. Graphic improvement of vegetation is welcome (especially bush).

The influence of wind on items

How funny it would be if the objects thrown loosely to the ground were carried away by a storm (maybe apart from stones and other heavy ones). They would be safe in containers or stacks. The problem is cloth. The wind should have carried her away, she shouldn’t be lying on the beaches. But you can make it as much as you want. Additionally, it is found in wrecks.

The influence of wind on sailing

The sail may have a specific alignment and orientation on the raft, but should not push the raft in two different directions, regardless of which side the wind is blowing from. Only the sail plus the rudder gives the sailing direction. I think it would be good to combine the sail action with the player. Let it work only when the player is at the helm. Then the rafts will stop successfully escaping when I fall overboard. After all, sailing is about adapting to the direction of the wind, and it’s difficult but beautiful. In earlier versions, it was possible to rotate the sail (the options still contain a description of this function:Q,E).

A lot of time in the game is spent sailing. I believe that sailing has been simplified excessively. Getting closer to reality will add one more value to Stranded Deep: sailing education (probably not everyone knows sailing). The teaching that you cannot sail straight into the wind, that you have to tack, that you have to adjust the sails … Those who do not want to sail should use the engine.

Influence of wind on the speed of the raft

Sailing speed is uniform. The higher the wind, the faster the speed should be. A better sail (triangular, white) is welcome. It would be convenient to be able to adjust the sail tension (Q, E) while at the helm. After all, there is a large sailing boat among the wrecks. Why is there no sail there? To determine the wind direction, tapes attached to the mast are enough.

Nice to dream.


I’m not sure how it will affect performance though. I think the sea simulation is already stressing the computer some despite the not especially high-res graphics overall.

Yes, that could be a problem. But how much would Stranded Deep change … I think for the better.

I get what you mean, it’s a good idea. However, I’m just aware that it’s always a balancing act between visuals and performance with games. For example, Assassin’s Creed Unity pushed the limits with large NPC crowds and interiors linking with exteriors meaning the player can run from exterior streets to a multitude of house interiors. This was good in theory but the issue was that it put considerable strain on computers to run that much. My computer can run it but tended to sound like a plane taking off because it was overheating so much.

The water simulation in SD does put some stress on the PC (and maybe console) already.
It’s always a balancing act between appearance and performance unlike 3D animated films which have a render farm to run all the processes. Just a consideration. If computers will be able to run it without issues that go for it.

In terms of speed of sailing that shouldn’t affect performance. Maybe some rippling of the sail also would make it look less like cardboard. Vegetation rippling may or may not cause issues.

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You’re right. More is not always better.

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I would like to see wind affect your sailboat. Simply going the direction the sail is pointing at feels too easy for a survival game.

I actually love the way boats work in Valheim, the wind points in one direction and changes periodically, your boat’s speed depends on your direction compared to the wind, going directly against the wind doesn’t work and you have to row instead.

You could also add some kind of wind sock/flag to see the direction of the wind.

I would like to see the wind’s effect on sails and trees, but also the water’s effect on coral etc, for example - coral/plants swaying in the undercurrents.

I sort of like that I can sail the direction I want without having to worry about wind. I feel like that would be a pain if I’m just making a run to an island and back. Although I suppose the motor would alleviate that.