Adding structure: "abandoned lighthouse"

Despite the fact that the game is full of various structures, there are still very few of them. Therefore, we need to already start making new structures that can be explored. One such new structure could be an abandoned lighthouse. (If desired by the developers, it can be used for the plot, for example, add a shelf with documents, which will contain information about this anomalous place, or some note from the former lighthouse keeper).

this used to exist (pic, pic). was sadly removed a long time ago :​(

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I’m actually curious as to why things are being removed from the game?

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Perhaps they remove some things due to flaws or bugs …

I have no idea, they also removed sea forts for some reason. Maybe they plan on adding more in the future and adding the light house back in. I do not know but it does not really make sense to me as why they would spend the time making these models only for them to go unused when they were actually pretty cool and fit well in the game.

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Yes there was a light house I don’t think it spawned normally though it was in the game files but just unused.

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Hopefully a DLC! I’d totally buy it

Game isn’t even released in full and you’re talking about a DLC? One way to upset the customers :stuck_out_tongue:

A good way to continue revenue while supporting the game


Honestly I would buy it as well as long as it is not way to expensive I think the devs have earned it.

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  1. Research: Game developers can start by researching and finding inspiration from real-life structures, such as abandoned lighthouses, ancient ruins, or unique architectural designs. They can then use these structures as a basis for creating new and interesting environments within the game.
  2. Narrative Integration: Developers can also consider integrating the new structure into the game’s narrative, as you mentioned with the example of an abandoned lighthouse. This could add depth to the game’s story and provide players with additional context and information about the game world.
  3. Gameplay Mechanics: Developers can also consider how the new structure can be incorporated into the game’s mechanics. For example, an abandoned lighthouse could contain puzzles or hidden items that players need to find in order to progress in the game.
  4. Visual Design: Finally, game developers can focus on creating a visually stunning and unique environment that captures the player’s attention. This can be achieved through the use of creative lighting, intricate details, and unique textures and materials.

Overall, creating new structures in games can add depth, intrigue, and excitement to the gameplay experience. By focusing on research, narrative integration, gameplay mechanics, and visual design, game developers can create memorable and engaging environments that keep players coming back for more.