Adding feats or abilities to the game

I already posted a brief mention of this in my “list of suggestions post”. However, I’d like to elaborate a little more about it.

  1. Hunting - tracking prey like a specific animal you’d like to hunt for maximum efficiency

  2. Cooking - Faster cooking/smoking times and food spoils at a slower rate. Being able to eat coconuts without consequences

  3. Harvesting - Being able to collect twice the resources and an auto pickup for desired items. Another one is tracking resources to make clay hunting and other items easier to find

  4. Physical - Inventory expansion and expanding the stack limit of to double the usual amount

  5. Craftsmanship - Using half the typical resources when building and being able to make tools indestructible or repairable

I’d also like to add feats to be poison resistant or immune, sun resistance, bleeding resistance, faster swimming/running speed, and slower rates of thirst/hunger

Thank you for a great game and I hope my suggestions aren’t too much to do if the are considered


Love it.
Hunting - slap a health bar on prey once you’re maxed out.
Cooking - echo ^^
Harvesting - 100x auto-pickup once you’re maxed out.
Physical - great idea ^^
Crafting - spot on ^^

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@Blackwolfapollo can you honestly carry double the wieght if you were stranded or that many pockets to use? Think what you can handle by yourself while on a deserted islad? Then you get to hold these big crates you find that hold 9 items a piece. You its good how it is. You can not forget the gyrocopter wieght limit? There is none. Really a heli like that and small could not hold that wieght along with fuel to it. You would not even to lift off.