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I suggest you add in the backpack inventory wheel the ability to switch “hand” to “pocket” when hovering over the hand icon and clicking (PPM). Equipment unchanged. There will be a problem placing items in your pocket. Maybe the usual “drag and drop”, but only some items (small). Then, clicking on the pocket icon (PPM) would open up access to a few extra places for small items that are convenient to keep with you, but take up space in your backpack (e.g. flashlight(?), compass, binoculars(?),Small lighter :heart_eyes:). Used in quick access, they go back into your pocket.

Ps. Sometimes information about the amount of items held in the backpack is hidden by large item icons. Maybe it is better to move this information closer to the center of the circle?

If i undefstand what you are saying correctly, this sounds a lot like how the toolbelt works on console.

On console you can craft a toolbelt and it has 3 upgrades that add up to 4 quick access slots for tools. Theese 4 slots act separate from your normal inventory so that they are basically 4 additional free inventory slots.

On PC, it is possible to assign up to 10 items to the Toolbar, but the assigned items still take up space in the backpack. Only the selected item moves to your hand. It’s more of a quick pick belt. (0.80.01 - This has not been changed).

Yeah, they should change it so that the items put in the tool bar dont take up space in the inventory. I dont see why they wouldn’t do that for PC when they do it on Console.

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I don’t understand it either. Maybe the next update will change it. Then the pockets can remain empty.

On console only a single item is out in the toolbelt.

Let’s say you have 4 refined axes, you assign one to a toolbelt quick slot and 3 stay in your inventory when the quickslotted axe breaks it is replaced by one from the inventory.

I can see that in some solutions the console is ahead of the PC. That’s very good, because it’ll make a great game even better.

It also seems like my suggestion to add pockets is like entering the apartment through the window instead of the door. But maybe the proposed mechanics can be used for something else? A secret compartment?

Yeah apparently PC doesn’t have a Statistics Menu on their watches

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I think they could use the alreayde implemented toolbelt fot that use!!
You could put an axe, several lighting tools and navegation tools in that inventory…

On my toolbelt i keep knife, axe, Kindleing, and label Maker.

I use the lable maker in conjunction with spears to make navigation markers.

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Before and after assignment to the toolbar.