Add Online Co-op to Improve a LOT the game's value

Hello Mr/Mrs!
I firmly believe that it would a great idea to add Multiplayer to the game so Players will be able to spend more time and have more fun while playing your game. In that way, many people will buy your game as it may become popular if streamers notice that multiplayer Co-op is added (especially that period of time while Epic Games provided the game for free + gamers spend more time searching for new games during the quarantine). I hope you take into account my opinion as this matter prevented me to buy your game (me and some friends). (- Also during the year 2021 games should have multiplayer options :stuck_out_tongue: )
Thank you for your time,
An optimistic gamer.

AGREED. Not only a multiplayer - (the raft says “fits four”) so possibly four players in a world, and throw away the terrible split screen! I want to play this game with my sister who lives in another city (over an hour away) and as of right now, the multiplayer as it stands currently, is very off putting, archaic and makes no sense especially on a PC. It’s such a fun game already in solo and it’s disappointing that the same can’t be said for co-op play. The split screen/weird keyboard/controller play is not fitting for this game and does more harm than good. Split screen on a modern game is not a way to stand out from other games, at least not in a good way.

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