Ability to build on our raft

Would be nice if we could at least build a campfire, meat smoker, and a water still on the raft. Would like to be able to build a small house on the raft would be pretty cool.


I certainly don’t feel like the current constraints make sense. Or they’re buggy. Butting a light pole on my raft sunk that side of the raft into the water. It’s a fairly tiny stick.

Shouldn’t happen.

Edit: also I just remembered I’d love to be able to lash things to the deck with rope.

And also using nets for storage, hanging things from a ceiling or pole.


Yes, would love to put more buildable things on my raft, especially a still! And I dont understand why loose tires weight the raft down. It’s silly. Sometimes they give you 3 tires, but you only need 2 and just have to leave the last one behind because you cant carry it to another usland.

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