A list of suggestions

I’ve been playing the game for the past few weeks and am really enjoying it so far (minus the occasional game breaking bugs lol) I have a few interesting suggestions that I haven’t quite seen on the board that I’d like to post.

  1. Destructible environments

It would be fun to be able to use the pick and make a cave on the islands with cliffs and possibly get to the center of it to see what is hidden. Plus getting rocks out of it would be a bonus.

  1. Breaking down the shipwrecks for materials

Some of the wreckage is quite bulky and honestly has very little use. Let us repurpose them in scrap wood/metal and maybe build one that works after repairs or from the parts collected.

  1. Gaining feats or abilities from leveling up or from constant action

I have been poisoned a lot from the purple starfish things as well as the lionfish and the occasional spiny one underwater. I keep running out of pipi and just as soon as I use some antidote, I get poisoned again while searching for supplies. I’d like to think that gaining a resistance to poison after so many times would be an interesting way to fix that. I also would like to see building feats that could make it to where you could use half the materials needed and so on.

  1. A shovel

It may not seem much but having a shovel could make it to where we could flatten or fill in certain areas. Another use for the shovel could be to remove the aforementioned purple starfish as to not accidentally walk on one in the middle of the night. Also removing trunks and foliage that is otherwise in the way would also be a nice use for it.

  1. Showing how much damage is being done to you/everything else

I think it would be beneficial to see the numbers on what you do to objects like when you are constructing or chopping down trees. However, that could be a potential feat or ability for what was mentioned earlier if you don’t want to make it standard right of the bat.

Thank you for a fun game and will continue playing this super fun game and can’t wait to see the future of it