A different way to depart from the islands


I think it would be good to change the items you receive after defeating the bosses (except for the trophy). Such a change will make you more willing to defeat them, because it will make the game easier. Currently, you do not need to rush it, because apart from satisfaction, defeating them is needed to take off, i.e. at the end of the game.

MEG: He has a transmitter attached. After defeating it, the player receives a GPS that starts displaying the coordinates on the watch (facilitating navigation).

LUSCA: lighter (relief when lighting a fire).

ABAIA: Diving equipment (facilitate underwater exploration)

All 3 parts needed to take off the plane should be inside the aircraft carrier, in warehouses, protected by a mini boss. The aircraft carrier is so huge and untapped. And where to look for parts, if not there.

Long time the game remains in Early Access may be a disadvantage. But it can also be an advantage. Because you can still improve the game by listening to players’ opinions. Of course not indefinitely.

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This is a great idea. It would certainly give incentive to beat bosses earlier on

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