A bug i discovered in multiplayer

Me and my friend were hanging out in multiplayer

I revived him (There were 2 bugs i found) and he did the usual get up animation, he got up, and as soon as he finished the animation, i watched him collapse again and need revived because he apparently died of fall damage, we were on a island, nowhere high, on ground level. I revived him again and a few hours pass, he stood next to a loom and died of dehydration, his body merged with planks and started to stretch and fling everything in his path for a few minutes before stopping. After everything settled until he was kicked because “server lost” When i was still in. Please let me know if you find this.

Hi Toxic,

Thank you for reporting these issues and I’m sorry they have affected your game.

Please let me know:

  • What console are you playing on?

  • From your description it sounds like you were the host and your friend joined your game, is this correct?

  • Regarding the fall damage, this is an issue the team has had reports of in the past. Did this occur after he logged in or when you had revived him or both?

  • Before this fall damage issue occurred, had your friend experienced any status effects or died due to fall damage previously?

  • Can you describe the area where you last saved before this occurred? and what his character was doing at the time?

  • Did you or your friends’ controllers lose power or disconnect when saving?

Players that had this fall damage issue occur in their save noted it occurred after a crash or something happened while saving. One reported that the issue only occurred on 1 island, whereas if they moved to another island and built a shelter there, the issue did not occur. Have you found this to be the case in your game?

  • Regarding their character’s ragdoll throwing stuff around. I believe this might be a collision issue that’s occurring. Can you confirm for me if their body collapsed into loose planks, or a group of planks stacked using the pile option?

Any additional info you can provide would be greatly appreciated and can help the team investigate further.

Thank you.

Actually, he had 2 status effects
Broken bone
He hit fall damage off a cargo ship and broke a leg, the dieing to dehydration.
Yes i was host, we were on a Xbox one.
After i revived him he died again
We were on an island not too far from the starter island
His controlled had recently changed batterys at the time so no
Thee planks do not have a pile option, he collapsed next to a loom and rolled into the planks merging with them, we had to go back as save because we lost several crates that we stored food in

Further info is my name on xbox is [REDACTED] and his was [REDACTED]. We have encountered a connection issue. We played for at least 3-5 hours and he was kicked because of a “Server lost” Issue, i was still in server and he lost connection because he lost the server i was still hosting, he then tried to join back and it said “Failed to connect, server not found” and i was still in please note. I had to leave and rejoin.

Hi Toxic,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

I’ve removed your XBox usernames to avoid you potentially being hit with spam. I will still be able to access these if the team need them.

Regarding needing to leave and restart your save so your friend could rejoin after disconnecting, this is an issue the team are aware of and I’ll add these details to my report on that issue.

Thank you again and if you experience anything else you wish to report, or if any of the issues mentioned above occur again for you (I hope they do not), please let me know.

Hi Toxic,

A team member investigating the issue with issue with your friends character collapsing into planks and their characters body moved erratically, throwing items around your island.

They are struggling to replicate the issue and have asked if you’ve seen similar issues with when a character dies in your save since, and if you have any screenshots or the issue occuring or the area and setup where the original issue occured.

Thank you.