4 player online coop / local splitscreen online coop

Nice work on the patch that was released today there is still some bugs but it is a good step in the right direction. Now I think after all these bugs do get fixed 4 player coop would be great. Would allow for more people to enjoy the game together at once. It’s a bummer when you got to pick what friend you want to play with you and the others got to play something else. Also maybe a splitscreen online option so you can either join someones game if there’s enough player slots available and play with someone locally while also online or the other way around where you can host a local splitscreen game and have other online players join. The more players the better I think. Thank you

I think before opening up 4-player co-op they’d have to resolve the issue of trees/coconuts not renewing. It’s hard enough for 2 players to survive on a small starter island for those first few days.