4 player online coop and crossplay with console

Think it would be nice if we could play coop with up to 4 players at once. the starting raft says it can hold 4 people and I think if that did not work just have 2 starting rafts. Also think we should have crossplay with console to be able to find more people to play with. Thank you.


Eeek!!4 sheesh wish I could coop on xbox with just 1 other player, it is lonely playing by myself

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I would gladly play with you if I had it on console more the reason they should add crossplay.

Umm fluttershy… your name sounds familiar aside from mlp. Sl perhaps?

Have not played sl but my gamertag on Xbox is similar maybe you seen me on the stranded deep leader boards when they were running the insider program coop test if you were apart of that. I was the first person to finish the game in the test, also was at the top of days survived for a bit.

agree about atleast 4ppl coop, great move and i think it will be good for more players income into the game

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Add Madticker please