2111 XB1 cannot build on ship

Ive based here a ton, so this is new.

Not good, its the only flat land to build on.

Weird changes with the update that broke things that werent broken.

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Stuff like that can’t be placed their because it takes a while to get too and would probably screw up the end scene

Ive built on the ship endless times. Its new.

Items can be built there
Just not structure (except for raft and there it’s raft exclusive items)

Once again. Ive built bases on the ship. Tona of farming plots, buildings, water stills etc. 100s of days on the ship on multiple saves. This was changed with the newest update. Either directly or indirectly.

Was much better before when you could base on the ship. Now we need farming plots on foundations because not being able to level land in the editor is weak sauce.

It’s just ground the structures can be placed on
Not a foundation or giant ship

Hi Alleykat,

This was changed in a recent update. Players can no longer build on any of the “special” islands, this includes structures where the bosses are, and the big container ship.

I will however pass this feedback onto the team.

You can still build on the island of the ship itself just not on top of it :ok_hand:

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Thanks for clarifying that Breckabick - I can see where my message might cause confusion :+1:

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No problem although its limited and not including too close to the ship i thought id let people know :grinning: and although its a big challenge people using the ship island as base, theres lovely flat areas for farm plots which i know alot of people look for

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