[2111] Multiplayer crates and timeout

I am having this same issue when playing as player 2. When I open a crate, the crate is empty despite being full, and then all of the contents that are supposed to be in there start floating out of them, and then the fish in the ocean freeze. Then I usually get kicked out about 20 minutes later, with either server time out, or fence. This has been happening so much that weve replayed the same island for the past 3 days, but has gradually been getting worse over the past 1-2 weeks. Weve just been sailing to megalodon, and we couldnt see it anywhere, then when I got kicked by fence timeout, player 1 was right next to it on our raft. Hoping we can play soon as we are really enjoying it

Have all the same issues in multiplayer, worse as of late. New saves also. That crate issue has been on going since the beginning of time tho. Dosent happen in single player.

Its possible that its writing player 2 with different code in the database.

Earlier we had a leather water sack that had water in it for me. For player 2 it was named “empty_waterskin” or something along the not normal empty name, also later in the seassion it renamed itself to “empty_waterskin(clone)” or something like that.

Hi @TheCrankyPanky TheCrankyPanky, welcome to the forums,

I moved your comment (and Alleykat’s response to you) to a new thread so I can address it directly and ask questions without comments potentially getting confusion if the original poster or the thread you posted in responded.

Please let me know:

  • What console are you playing on?
  • Are you and your host in the same household, or separate ones?
  • Are you using a wired or wireless connection?
  • What is the NAT type of your connections? If the host has a different NAT type, please indicate which is which?
  • What is your ISP and Router type?
  • What is the ISP and Router type of your host?
  • What region are you playing in? (have you tried any other regions)
  • Have you tried changing who is the host? If so, did this have any effect on your connection?
  • Is the island you’re on where you’ve been for 3 days a custom one or game generated one?
  • Are you using the island as your base island?
  • Does your base island have a lot of crates and/or loose items on it?
  • How many in-game days have you survived for? (This should be in the pause menu on a multiplayer save, the days listed on the hosts console before loading the save would be for the single player in that slot only)
  • Have you joined any other multiplayer games? If so, do you experience similar issues?

I understand that the issues occurring in multiplayer can be frustrating. Any additional information you can provide about your experience and you game and connection setup would be greatly appreciated to help the team try to track down common factors in players having these issues.

Thank you.