[2107] Stuttering and moving crates

Hi Clare, the game view has become very glitchy, when I walk around, my world is stuttering.

Also, boxes are moving themselves to the side of the crate shelves. Once they’re picked up because they’ve moved to the middle of the isles, I can no longer use the shelves.

Did I explain these correctly?

Hi SkyStar,

I moved your post to its own thread as it was off topic in the thread you posted in.

Regarding the stuttering on your island:

  • Do you have a lot of loose items on your island? If so, adding what you can to crates or piles should help reduce the stuttering.
    If you do not have a large number of loose items, please describe the areas you notice it is and what, if anything is built on the affected island.

Regarding crates moving on shelves:

  • This is an issue the team are aware of and are currently working on. You may find in some cases the crates will only go back into the exact space they jumped out of, or you may need to break apart the shelves entirely.
    Recently another player observed that the crates that acted this way were all from custom islands. Do you use custom islands in your game to gather resources? and if so, did you reload or add a custom island before this crate shuffle occurred in your save?

Thank you for reporting both of these issues and any extra info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you could confirm for me what console you’re playing on, I’ll add this to my notes for the team also.


I’m playing on Xbox one

Really only had this issue on Rafts myself. 1-3 of Crates would be not aligned with shelf, or be missing.
Placing new crate or taking one away would have odd results.

Saving game and Reload (after fixing placement) would have Crate go missing, or items go missing. Or be unclickable. (New items placed in worked)
But then a Crate left on Island, would be missing crate. (In one case, shelves on Starter Island (not edited) Switched 2 Crates with one on Raft.

Mostly happens very far into a Save Life, or Very long play sessions (into 3-4 hour mark)

Once a Shelf starts doing it, I tend break it down, and start over. Issue stays away till next Shelf goes bonkers. =p

@SkyStar - Thank you for confirming

@Sera67 - Thank you for sharing your observations on this issue, I’ll pass this onto the team.