[2107] Sick from smoked meat straight from a crate

Okay another wierd one, maybe others have seen it. I have a whole farm of fish traps and have crates of smoked meat. So I usually eat out of the crate and grab a medium smoked cod meat and grub, and I’ve noticed recently since the update that it makes me sick like I’ve eaten spoiled meat! Now if I get out two pieces, and then go to my inventory and look at them - they say smoked, not spoiled, and eating them is fine. But if I just freehanded grab a piece and eat it, then I get sick. :nauseated_face: why?

Hi xGnomeGrownx,

I moved your post to it’s own threads so I can ask some questions about the issue you’re experiencing so I can add more details to a report to the team about this.

Please let me know.

  • As you seeing any issue with fish traps themselves, or is this what you use to fill your crates or smoked meat?
  • Are there any other meat types in your crates?
  • If you were to empty a whole crate you’ve become sick from, is there a spoiled meat hiding amongst the contents?
  • Does this happen with all your crates of meat? or have you noticed it occuring with just one crate in particular?

Any extra info you could give me on this would be great as it could maybe help the team try to replicate the same situation internally and find out what’s causing the issue.

Thank you!

The fish traps work just fine! I always smoke and store the medium Cod or Grouper filets, and usually bbq the few Lionfish I get on the hobo stove. There are three crates I store meat in and I can confirm it has happened from each of them and not just one. I did go and look, after the first few times, at my three crates to see if certain spoiled meats were mixed in with the rest but they do not say they are. I will keep playing with it and giving myself food poisoning haha :face_vomiting:

Thanks for confirming those extra details for me xGnomeGrownx. I’ve submitted a report to the team about this and if they have any additional questions I’ll add them here.

I’ll also keep an eye out for any additional things you notice about the issue and keep my fingers crossed for you that you can stay hydrated! :crossed_fingers:

Thanks again