2107 PS4 Update - Some Notes

Hey Folks

Thanks for the update. It’s been interesting relearning some controls and inventory operation. Definitely appreciate more slots.

I also like the improved graphical changes, such as smoke from fires and increased lamplight. Some of the sounds seem different as well which is cool.

But I figured I will use this thread as a way of highlighting some QOL issues and/or bugs that I either never noticed or have now reared their head(s) on PS4.

Ladders on Big Ships
This is an issue I’ve heard lots of others lament, but now the crows nests are inaccessible. I have tried on several islands and cannot climb more than about 2/3s of the way up the ladders. Before there was no way to descend via ladder, and jumping into the sea was the only way down, but now can’t even make it to the top - no visible obstructions or intersections.

Inventory Management
I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to keeping tools in a predictable place, so that muscle memory can take effect when using items I need often. Having dumped and reordered my inventory several times, I have two clay flasks for water, and every time I use one, it shifts to the last available slot in my inventory, instead of stacking back where it was with the other flask I’m not using. They both move, not the end of the world, but it is jarring.

Fishing Spears
Whatever I spear is stuck and I can’t use a spear with a crab or a fish on it to hunt anything else. If I target an animal, the spear jabbing animation does not happen. Dropping the spear and trying to use the knife does not work. I have to drop the spear and have nothing in my hand in order to remove the fish. Previously you could remove the fish by pressing R2 and then going about your merry way. Is this a glitch or is this intentional?

I’ll continue to play and add anything I think is worth noting. Thanks

A glitch, They made it sound a few fixes are already in test phase. So hopfully that and chests fix happens soon.

Really want to play now that it runs alot better. =3

Hi Demonstat89,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your message. Thank you for submitting a report with what you’ve experienced when playing the latest version of the game.

Ladders on big ships:

  • I believe the team is aware of this issue as a player mentioned it occurring in a previous version. I will add your details to the report.

Inventory Management:

  • Thanks for reporting this. I will inform the team so they can look into it. Have you noticed any other items behaving this way or is it just the flasks? And if your inventory is full, do the flasks move anything out of the way or appear to behave as intended?

Fishing Spears

  • As @Sera67 already mentioned, this is a glitch the team is aware of and are working on and testing a fix for.

As a side note, the chest issue Sera67 also mentioned I believe is referring to the issue which can prevent players from picking up chests if they sort through multiple chests. The team are also in the process of working on and testing a fix for this issue too.

Thank you again for submitting those reports. I shall keep an eye out for any additional information or reports from you.