[2107] Minor issues

Hi Clare managed to play for a couple of hours this morning with the new update… oh how much better it is now the pc laterns and flares are game changing for me and being to build stuff your house just wow lol fantastic. A few VERY minor issues ive came across nothing game breaking the meat stack is still 4 cooked spoiled and smoked all stacked up to 4. When your on the raft the rudder and sail doesnt make a noise when you cast your sail and select your rudder And the container shelves when you build them on the rafts you cant rotate them. Like i said NONE of these are game breaking by any means just thought id make you guys aware other than that FANTASTIC update :+1:t3::+1:t3:


Hi @Charlie1992, I hope you don’t mind but I moved your comment to a new thread as I had some additional questions about the items you mentioned and didn’t want my Qs or your responses to get lost in the larger thread.

For meat stacking - the team have a fix for this that should be out in the next update. I believe some of the meat types were listed seperately and were missed with that change.

Rudder and Sail audio feedback - thank you for reporting this, I hadn’t seen anyone else mention this and I’ll submit a report to the team for them to look into why the audio effects are not playing. Have you noticed any other sound effects missing when constructing or using items since you reported the above? (I know container shelves don’t have any when deconstructing at least) If you do, please let me know, but hopefully it’s just isolated to the two you mentioned :crossed_fingers:

For the container shelves - I wonder if this could be related to the delayed rotation response other players have mentioned. Would you mind trying a press and hold on the rotation buttons to see if there is a slight delay occuring. If not, this could be a seperate issue and I’ll submit a different report for the team.

Thank you so much, as always for reporting what you find and your support of the team. Please do not hesitate to report anything you notice, no matter how small, in this thread and I’ll make sure the info gets to the team. :slight_smile:

Hi clare no problem at all with regards to the meat stacking thats fine i mean 4 is no problem anyway so anymore than that is a bonus really lol regarding the audio for the sail and rudder is basically like the tv os on mute when you activate like no sound what so ever which isnt the end of the world lol the only other sound is when you jump and land it sounds like actully landing on the ground as in when you land on sand its like a rustling noise ect stone its a hard landing noise lol if that makes sense it does make it ALOT more realistic though were as before it was the same sound no matter what surface you land on lol yea container shelves still makd no noise which is no problem and i have tried holding lb and rb ive tried tapping really fast and nothing works again its not an issue at all sorry for the essay lol

Hi Clare just an update from earlier as i managed to play for a little while last night and the meat stacking seems to work only with small uncooked meat i can stack up to 8 and although the building pieces require me to now hold rb and lb to change the direction the container shelves still dont change but like i said it doesnt bother me so not really an issue. And with regards to not being able to move crates or select crates ect. So basically if i move ALOT of stuff around into other crates or put it in piles or just dump it on the ground then after a while i cant select a few crates and i cant drag them either but it only happens when i move ALOT of stuff around just moving a few items has no affect and after i save and reload the world then it all goes back to normal

Hi Charlie1992, Thank you for that info!

So for the meat stacking, that matches what the team are aware of - so they should all stack to 8, hopefully by the next update :crossed_fingers:

Audio for sail and rudder - thanks for confirming. I’ll make sure the team gets this info.

Rotating shelves - Thanks for double checking with the long press. It does indeed look like it’s different so I’ll let the team know.

Crates - not being able to move them after moving a lot of stuff around also matches what the devs have found. Thank you for confirming this and also for letting me know the reload workaround works for you. (If you notice going to another island and back has the same effect, please let me know)

Always good to know what you’ve noticed in the game, you never know when issues might have bigger knock on effects to other areas of the game so the info you shared is super appreciated and I’m glad they don’t impact your gameplay in a big way at the same time :slight_smile:

No problem clare yup what ill do is when i can play next should hopefully be later tonight or tomorrow ill trigger the bug were you cant move or pick up a crate pnce it happens ill go to another island and come back to see if it resets it soon as i found out ill let you know

Awesome - Thank you Charlie1992 :slight_smile: