[2107] Issues noticed after update

Hi devs! I’m having some issues since the update. A lot of people are having the same issues.

  1. can’t take fish or crabs off spears/fishing spears
  2. can’t rotate building pieces
  3. can’t move some crates
  4. can barely light a fire

If you could address these, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your help.

Are you playing PS/Xbox/Switch? Have you tried to hold, yes hold(not press only) the rotation button to rotate building pieces?
In my case (PS4), I hold L1/L2 (around 1 second) and notice the foundation base/floor/wall/roof will turn 45 degree right/left automatically (I tested it over several times). So, i think it seems not an issue. I hope it helps you for building housing after the latest update.

Hi @SkyStar,

I moved your post to it’s own thread so I could address it directly and so messages and responses don’t get lost in the larger thread.

  1. Crabs and Fish on spears
    The team are aware of this issue and are currently working to resolve it

  2. Can’t Rotate
    Please seen the comment above from @swpauhk (thanks!) - I have reported this to the team and it appears the issue is related to the delay in rotating. If you believe this is not the case for you however, please let me know.

  3. Can’t Move Crates
    The team are aware of an issue that occurs when players acces multiple crates and move items into their inventory and between the crates. They believe they know the cause of the issue and are working on a fix. The workaround players have reported for this is to reload the save. However it may be possible to move the crates if the area is reloaded by leaving the island and returning. If you try this, please let me know.

  4. Difficulty lighting fires
    Can you elaborate on this further? Is the progress bar not filing up for you?
    Incase this could be related to the same issue with rotating buildings, can you try a delayed press on each button, rather than a rapid press and let me know if that helps you at all?

Thank you for reporting these issues.

Hi Clare just to add myself onto this the crabs and fish are getting stuck for me too
2 cant rotate the building pieces are fine just cant rotate crates on the raft
3 no issue with moving crates or items from one crate to another no issues whatsoever
4 no issue lighting fires either
Im on xbox series X if that helps

Thank you for that info Charlie1992, I saw your post in the main thread and I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you about it yet but it’s in my queue!

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Re: lighting a fire: I’m alternating between RT/LT & the bar barely moves. It seems I have to hit them perfectly timed & it takes me 1-2 minutes to get it started. I’m having to feed the fire I’ve been able to make constantly to keep it going. I’m on Xbox One X

No problem at all clare just thought id share my experience so far no need to reply aslong as its been seen passed on ect thats all good. Any more bugs issues ect i will post to let you guys know

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Thank you for letting me know SkyStar. I’ll inform the team so they can investigate what could be causing this issue.

I’m on Xbox1 S and playing in CoOp mode w/ 2107

#1 I have this problem too and commented on the other thread for it.

#2 I have this too, and holding the button down longer is working for me.

#3 I’ve been moving crates just fine, don’t seem to have this issue.

#4 I found lighting fires to be a chore back on 2104… see no difference on 2107. It does feel like it takes an eternity of rapid fire on both bumpers in an alternating pattern. Maybe 1-2 mins could be right I suppose, never actually timed it.

I have multiple smokers & multiple fuel boiler stills. I will only light 1 fire using the tender kit. Then I light a torch off that 1st fire and quickly use it to light everything else… Then I immediately drop torch on ground and extinguish it right away to conserve it’s usage… :wink:

Hi @Picaro,
Thank you for sharing that info and that firelighting tip :+1:

@SkyStar it sounds like this is the same behavior when you’re lighting fires.

Out of curiousity (as this may be related to another report I’m recalling) do either of you have loose items or crates stacked around or near the fires? If they’re say, on your base island, if you travel to a new island and place a fire, is it easier to start it there?


When I logged back in I was able to light the fire on that island. There are only a couple of sticks, a can of food, & kindling near the fire. This time when I logged in it barely start the fire again. The island I am on currently is a manually created island. It is not my base island. I on my base island, there are only 2 crates next to the fire & the fire lit per usual.

Also, some crates with items in them will open for a second & the lid will shut before you can access the items within.

Did I explain these correctly?

The new issue above was still a problem even after I closed out the game & turned off/on the console. After leaving that island, when I landed on my base island, the issue corrected itself.

I’m playing on Xbox one

Hi SkyStar,

Thank you for that extra info.

For the crates that open and close suddenly before you can access the inventory, does this occur only on the created island too or have you noticed it on all islands?

If both issues are occuring on the created island, but not on your base island, it sounds like it could be an issue with the created island itself. Can you confirm for me if the island where you have a base is a game generated island or another island that you created.

If they’re only occuring on your custom island, can you describe the island for me? What you added / if it’s been cleared of resources etc

Also, just to rule it out, Do you have another controller you can swap to to test? If the issues are both occuring on your custom island then I doubt this could be the case, but if you can double check it would be good to check it off my list.

This is interesting, following the update I’m having to really adjust controller inputs as it seems unresponsive, for lack of a better word. Mainly going in and out of inventory but I wonder am I imagining it?