2107 crashing on save ps4

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ps4 2107 since update is crashing on save a lot. also, still cannot break down raft base, and fish seem to be stuck on spear and cannot be removed without dropping it on the ground.

Hi jc7709, welcome to the forums and thank you for providing that additional info.

Firstly, regarding the raft base deconstruction, the fix for this issue was not included in the most recent update but the team are actively working on testing the fix for release in a future update.

The issue with the fish being stuck on spears is one the team is aware of and believe they know the cause of the issue and are working to create a fix for it.

With regards to the crashes, please let me know:

  • Do these crashes occur when you save on your base island or at any location?
  • Are you using a shelter or a bedroll to save?
  • If you are using a bedroll, is it on your raft?
  • In the gameplay sessions before saving, have you stripped an island of resources or done a lot of crafting or building?
  • Is there anything you’ve noticed in common with your gameplay sessions that result in a crash?

Any additional information you can share would be greatly appreciated and would help the team in their investigation. In addition, the team may also benifit from having a look at your save. The team cannot fix and return individual saves but they would use your save to replicate and investigate the issue as well as test fixes that can potentially be released to the community as a whole.

If you’re happy to share your save, please follow the following steps:

  1. Turn on PS4 / PS5

  2. Insert an External USB Drive into one of the 2 USB ports on the front of the console.

  3. In the main menu, go to “Settings”

  4. Click on “Application Saved Data Management”

  5. Select “Saved Data in System Storage”

  6. Select “Copy to USB Storage Device”

  7. Select Stranded Deep

  8. Select all files and press “Copy”

  9. Wait until transfer is complete

  10. Remove External Drive

  11. Zip up all files copied to USB drive including “.bin” and “Profile” files

  12. Upload the files to Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or similar and send me a private message with the direct link to the file. I can then pass the file onto the team for them to look at.

Thank you.

Hi Clare, thank you for getting back to me. First, I love this game and hope the issues can be worked out. In answer to your questions, these crashes are occurring on my base island as well as other locations. It happens both with a bedroll or shelter. I do not use a bedroll on my raft so I do not know that one. They do seem to happen more frequently as game play progresses, so I would have to say yes to your question as far as a lot of crafting, building, and resources have been gathered from other islands. Also, I have noticed frame rate drops happening and stuttering when the these same late game conditions are present. I will also try and send you a copy of my saved files. Sincerely, JC7709


Hi jc7709,

Thank you for confirming that info and I see a DM from you regarding the save which I’ll pass onto the team asap. If the team have any additional questions about the save itself I’ll message you here.

In the meantime, as I know you weren’t aware of it, I recommend avoiding saving via bedroll on a raft for the moment. Players who do this in the ocean have had issues with reloading their save - the team are still investigating this, but I wanted to make sure you were aware so it doesn’t affect your own.

Thank you again for taking the time to send on your save, it is hugely appreciated! :slight_smile: