[2107] Cannot reload co-op

When you play co-op and go to save the game it says it’ll save but once you try to load back in to the world there’s no saved data and a new world has to be created

Hi @Chump , welcome to the forums,

I moved your post so I could ask you some questions and respond to you directly about your issue.

Can you confirm for me:

  • What console you’re playing on

  • If the host or Player 2 are saving

  • and, if you are saving on a bed or shelter

Please note, co-op works by having a second player join the game of the host and the save is only maintained on the host console, Player 2 cannot save and access it from their own console independently.

As well as this, the “Days” listed for that save slot only apply to a single player save, so it may look like there are no days survived for your multiplayer slot but choosing “continue” will allow you into your save and the “Days” for the multiplayer save can be seen in the pause menu.

That said, there have been reports of an issue like you described above - if your continue option is missing or a new game starts, please try creating a single player save on the hosts console. You should only need to progress far enough to build a shelter and save, then exciting back out and returning to play multiplayer, there should now be a “Continue” option available.

Please let me know which version of the above matches your experience and I will pass this info onto the team either by updating my report or passing on feedback about how save game data is displayed.

Thank you.

I’m on Xbox console and I’m the only one saving it, I’ve tested going back into the game and it gives the option to continue but when u click on it, it makes you start a new game

Hi Chump,

Thank you for confirming that for me.

Please let me know:

  • Did you try also creating a single player game in the same save slot?
  • When it start a new game, do you start in the plane sequence again? If so, have you proceeded to the end of the sequence and get to the island? I want to make sure the error is in a new game starting rather than the plane sequence playing again when it shouldn’t.
  • Did you change anything in the cartographer before reloading the game?
  • How did you save the game? (Please note sleeping does not save the game)
  • If you create a save in a different slot, does the same issue occur?
  • If you go into the Data Management of your console, does there appear to be save data that the game cannot access?