[2104] Tool belt issue

Hi im having an issue which happening right now with the tool belt

First time it happened with my friend as the host and he crafted the first belt and the 2nd belt didnt unlock and he can craft any belts now and his first quickslot is open or 1st belt he unlocked is working fine

And the same problem happening to me right now after i started a new game and im the host i crafted the 1st belt and its working fine but the 2nd belt etc. Is locked

When he was the host i joined his world and i unlocked all belts it worked for my character but not his

In my world i played private and no one ever joined my world but its bugged or something

I tried to explain the best i can but is there anyway i can fix this issue without starting over
And ty

The only work around i have for this since the update is to make sure you are carrying a fresh new item of the one that is about to break from the belt slot and this new item will slip into the toolbelt slot as the original tool breaks. I had to revert a save over this one as i figured it would take time for this to be resolved officially. On a side note, i am playing as the host of an online game and none of the toolbelt slots are even unlocked to craft in the first place…i had to use quick craft menu and know which items i needed ahead of time for the belt slots to show up in the quick craft menu. Even though all 4 are currently crafted, the main crafting menu only shows the first one as craftable still regardless…and crafting this 1st slot over again and again gets u no closer to accessing the other slots. Before i reverted the save my original trick of knowing which items to have in hand and use quick craft no longer worked again and those slots became permanently disabled, so i lost a little progress but not a lot. Key for me is back up save data to cloud and usb regularly.

Hi Kingabdu2010, welcome to the forums and I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your post.

I moved your post to its own topic as it was posted in a bug report from a few versions ago. This is to help prevent confusion with versions and bug reports.

I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your save. This issue is one the team are aware of and are investigating.

Please confirm for me if your save is one that was started after the update to 2104 or if your save was created before the recent update? Your game will display 2104 in the bottom left of the main menu if it is up to date.

Please also let me know which console you are playing on. While I understand you commented on a PS4 bug report, I want to make sure which console you are playing on.

Thank you @StealthGroove for sharing your workarounds.

In the past, players who have reported this issue, have stated that logging out of the game, and loading back in will allow them to craft the 1st toolbelt slot again however this will unlock slot 2. This can be repeated for all the slots. - If this workaround does not work for you, please let me know. StealthGoove’s workaround of using the quick crafting menu may also be a workaround option to unlock the slots.

As StealthGroove mentioned some other issues affecting their tool belt regarding being able to replace tools. Please let me know if you’ve noticed the same occuring in your save at all.

Thank you.