[2104] Cannot connect

I need some help i am in a Xbox series s and it’s saying cannot connect to the server and I’ve tried closing it reopening uninstalling it it’s not working

Same here i am on xbox series x and it is impossible to connect to server

I’m having the same issues

Hi @christianth07 and @PH3N1XxK1LL3R - welcome to the forums,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your reports. I’ve moved your report to a new topic to I can address it directly.

As there were multiple reports on the same day, firstly can you confirm if this is still an issue for you? It is looking more and more like this was a general outtage on the XB1 servers.

If the issue has resolved / you are able to access multiplayer, can you confirm for me what region you were using and what time of day and time zone this occurred in for you? - This will help us to cross check any outages on our end and confirm who was affected and when.

@Josephm622 - I moved another comment of yours to it’s own topic and responded there.