[2078] Multiplayer disconnecting

Downloaded newest update 11/22/21 on ps4 and multiplayer disconnected more now then ever before…at this point I dont know maybe sell the rights to the game to a company that actually knows what they are doing because it been what 3 months and still broken

Hi donnyp07,

I moved your post to it’s own topic so I could address your issues directly. I’m sorry to hear you’ve continued to experience multiplayer disconnects in Stranded Deep after the new update. The team is continuing to work on this issue and any extra information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know:

  • Did you start a new save or is this a multiplayer save updated to version 2078
  • What are the NAT types of the host and player 2?
  • Are both players on PS4?
  • Is there any trigger you’ve noticed in the disconnects? (even if the trigger doesn’t cause every disconnect)
  • How frequent are the disconnects in your game?
  • Do you notice a desync between players before this occurs?

I understand this issue is frustrating and disruptive to gameplay. I’d like to pass as much information as I can about your experience onto the team, however I must ask that you post in a respectful manner and adhere to the forum rules when doing so.

Thank you.