[2078] Disconnect after killing boar

Hey another little bug we just came across is a glitched boar respawning on island upon killing i got disconnected

Hi Cjdunn32, thanks for reporting this.

I moved your post to a new topic as it was separate to the topic you were posting in and also so I can follow up with you directly on it.

Can you confirm for me if both you and your host were on the same island at the time or if you were on different islands?

If you were on the same island, was the host near you / helping to kill the boar or elsewhere?

If you weren’t on the same island, where was the host at the time you disconnected?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Both on the same island he hit the boar twice and i finished him off after doing so i was disconnected. He is the host. Thankfully nothing was lost

Thanks for getting back to me so soon Cjdunn32, I shall inform the team. I’m also glad to hear nothing was lost when this happened!