[2071] Multiplayer - Smoked meat unsynced, items falling through ground

I lost fish through the sand on the island. Lost interaction with lots of items. My hunger and thirst were rapidly depleting. Food would showed smoked for me but uncooked for my friend. We also had 2 sharks arrive on opposite sides of the island we were on.

Hi Weefer, welcome to the forums,

I seperated out your post because it contained some notes different to the original post and I wanted to ask some questions too.

Please let me know:

  • What console are you playing the game on?
  • Were you the host in this game?
  • If the food was left on the smoker, did it eventually smoke for your friend?
  • Was it you, or your friend that placed meat on the smoker?
  • If you were the one that placed it, if your friend placed meat on the smoker would it then smoke correctly for them?
  • When your thirst and hunger were depleting, were you suffering from any side effects?

I’m not sure if two sharks spawning at an island is an issue, but I will make a note for the team on this.

Just reporting, that even after the interaction issue has been fixed (thank you for that :slight_smile: ) our meats aren’t synched yet. Sometimes meats placed at the smoker will just not be there for the other player, but they are there for the other (and smoked cooked as well). Same logic, sometimes meats are not cooked for the other, but are cooked for the other player. I think that meats aren’t shown for the player who didn’t put them there, they are there just for the cook. Sometimes fish in the sea and yucca trees are offsync too. And our clocks are acting strange as well, mine is on day 18, and host’s clock says day 20, but we have played together whole time.

Thanks for letting me know Gaeru, I’ll let the team know.