[2071] Island Generation and Dropping items

@Clare . I would like to add 2 issues.

  1. Island generation now have increased spawn of wrecks resulting in a easy access to parts. I found 5 big cargo wrecked ship after exploring 8 Islands.

  2. Dropping itens direct from the inventory spawn the item under the player, due to physics sometimes the player get launched a little bit and the item clips in the ground. This happen most of time with big itens like woodplanks. This can be watched in multiplayer when one person perform the glitch. Itens dropped from the players hands doenst clip.

Issue n.6 is fun to me but I understand that is not immersive, the sun shouldnt be that strong close to the night. If remember correct the previous sun damage hours was between 9:00 and 15:00.
I humble suggest making it from 7:30 to 17:00. I live in a tropical country and sun obliteration occur in this range.

Hi Zuvu,

I seperated our your post because the issues were different to those in the original. This helps me to keep track of them and prevent confusion in the comments section :slight_smile:

For the first issue - can you confirm for me if you’re finding more wrecks on or around and island, or if it’s there’s a higher chance of bigger wrecks spawning around islands? or both?

For the drop and clip, thank you for reporting this. I’m going to submit it as a seperate report, but make a note on the report of vanishing items too. Did you notice when playing if any items dropped in this manner fell through the world for you?

Lastly, thank you for your feedback and suggestions regarding the SPF levels and times, I shall pass this onto the team :slight_smile:

I found 4 islands with big cargo ship very close to each other, forming a square of islands. I also noticed that every island has 3 or more wrecks without counting submerged ones that I couldnt see. It may be due to extreme luck seed, I can’t rule the possibility yet, I will futher test tonight in different seeds.

Thank you for confirming your sightings Zuvu, I’ll make a note of it for the team, that does indeed sound like either a very lucky seed or that the balance might be a bit off when generating the map.

Oh, actually, could you also confirm that seed number for me? I think the team will probably want to have a look themselves too.

Seed 98711616.
The first Island with cargo can be seen from the spawn Island, I dont know the direction or which tile correspond on the grid, I didnt found compass before the interaction glitch happened.
But is easy to identify islands with cargos, they are massive.

Awesome, thank you Zuvu, I’ll let the team know to head for that cargoship island from the starting island.