2024 - built raft missing!

I play on XBox One and am 32 days in.

On day 29 I build my first raft, as junk as it was I used it twice. Built it on the island next to me, sailed it back to my home island, parked it, saved it, played more on my island then on say 30 I went back to where I built it to clear cut the island of wood, landed the raft partly on shore (watched it for a second, didn’t move) then saved the game. See attached pics of homeland the island I travelled to showing how my boat was “beached”. So proud I had to take a picture, see below.

When I was done collecting so I saved the game again and got ready to leave but my new raft was gone. I ran around the island 6 times in disbelief and couldn’t find it and nothing in the horizon anywhere with clear/calm weather.

Luckily I had my first inflatable life raft on that island and was able to get back home and carry on with things. I can only figure the current took it south to the bottom of the map or it just complete glitched out and vanished.

I’ve read a few threads now and it seems this isn’t a new glitch. Can someone advise me.

Thanks and Happy New Year to all!

Hi TJPettigrew,

Thank you for submitting this report. I’m sorry to hear your raft was lost during gameplay.

I’ve passed your image (which is fabulous by the way) onto other members of the team to get their opinion on if the current could take your raft from that kind of position over time.

There have been reports in the past off rafts vanishing for players, and over time a number of these issues have been resolved, however I wanted to ask some additional details about your save to help determine if this could be an issue the team are aware of, an old one resurfacing, or potentially something new.

  • Can you confirm for me if this all happened within the one gameplay session? From your description it sounds like you didn’t quit and reload at any time, but I just want to make sure.
  • If you travel to the middle of the island where your raft disappeared, is there any evident of it being stuck in the ground there?
  • Did you sleep at any stage while on this second island?
  • From your image it looks like your raft is 3x2 with a mast and motor, with tyre base and corrugated metal flooring, is this correct?

Thank you

Hi TJPettigrew,

After discussing this with team members, they said that the raft may have drifted away if no anchor was used and the rising tide caught it.

There is typically a notification that pops up saying your Raft is lost at sea if this happens, but it is possible that this was missed or failed to pop up for you.

That said, if any of what I meantioned above, such as evidence of the raft being stuck in the middle of the island matches your gameplay experience, please let me know and I can inform the team.

Thank you.