10 commandments of suggestions

1- Coconuts shall regroweth (maybe once every 10 days or so)
2- Naturally growing fruits shall not spoileth while they are attached to their tree; and regroweth once it is deflowered
3- Half walls shall be buildeth around raft to preventeth stuff falling over
4- Storage boxes on a raft that shall be locked in as part of the raft
5- Map making within the game shall be alloweth to find home easier if one gets lost (rather than leaving the game and look at carthographer)
6- Once Yucco is planted, it shall also produceth seeds (fruit)
7- Flasks shall be crafteth by empty coconut shells
8- Harvested items near bushes shall not go through bushes and disappeareth
9- While sailing, the other hand shall access to inventory; useth light, binoculars, compass; eat, drinketh etc
10- Once an item put in a toolbelt, it shall be removed from inventory to maketh room for other items

Dev saw it and thinketh it was good…

  1. agreed, and i also think coconuts should be plantable to farm young palms, and young palms should be able to grow into palm trees if left alone for a stupid-long period of time (realistically it’d be years, but for gameplay purposes maybe 30-60 days; technically a renewable source of wood, but also kind of a time waster)

  2. agreed; kura, quwawa and potatoes should grow back regardless if farmed or wild

  3. agreed, as i do with anything that makes harvesting container panels easier

  4. they do stay with the raft, container shelves exist

  5. disagree, part of the fun of the game is learning to navigate back home

  6. agreed, yucca is the only plantable substance that doesn’t provide a fruit; if wild fruit doesn’t regrow, but farmed fruit does, farmed yucca should at least regrow its fruit

  7. agreed, it makes no sense that you cannot combine an empty coconut drink with a lashing to make an empty coconut flask

  8. this is annoying, but low on my list of complaints; if you craft near where the topography “ate” the resources, you can still use them straight off the hidden ground

  9. it’d be nice, but i’m not complaining

  10. as it has been for console

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4- I was trying to put the crate directly on the raft. Somebody on Steam discussion pointed out that I can use shelves, which I did not know at the time that it was possible. Made my life way easier.

5- We should be able to see visited places on a map. I’m not asking for a GPS that will take me home, that would take the fun away. Maps still would require skill to read maps and navigate to find home.

8- Not sure what you mean by “you can still use them straight off the hidden ground”

8- So, you found a rock deposit, and you’re very excited because you don’t have the 6 stones you need to build an anchor for your raft. The problem: The rock deposit is clipped into the island geometry, hidden halfway in one of the small mounds, and when you mine it, you only wind up pocketing 3 of the 6 rocks despite the mound audibly “breaking” 6 times. The other rocks are on top of the sand/dirt, but stuck under the surface of the grassy mound, and you cannot pick them up.

Well, get your 1 stick, 4 lashing, equip a hammer and attempt to build an anchor, right next to where the rock deposit was. If the rock broke all 6 times, the rocks hidden under the mound will fulfill the difference between the amount of rocks in your pocket and the cost of the anchor. Find your raft and attach the anchor.

You can also do this with building a furnace when clay pieces hide under a mound of coral. When your crafting level is 7, you can go back, break the furnace and claim all 6 pieces of clay.

EDIT: I also do this to get tyres/barrels out of barges. Cuts your time to a third for barrels and a half for tyres.

Got it and makes sense.
I appreciate your patience with me, it must have taken you awhile.
Thank you!

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We’re all good, work was particularly slow yesterday. lol

It’s a workaround that we shouldn’t have to do, but it is a reliable workaround which is why I’m not too miffed about it compared to some of the other grievances listed here, like finite yucca fruits as you mentioned in #6.

The fact that you can relocate any kind of farmed item by simply picking the fruit, breaking the planter, building a new planter where you want it and replanting the picked fruit, but not yucca (one of the most important farmed crops) is inexcusable. It may be less of a big deal on PC where you have more islands, but console is a 5x5 grid: 21 island sectors and 4 story sectors. If we’re lucky (so often not lol), those 21 islands will each have 3 yucca trees giving us (usually significantly less than) 63 yucca fruits for our whole run. Each time we want to relocate to a new island or move stuff around at our “home base”, we know that we’re losing a finite amount of yucca fruit, compared to the self-reproducing and potentially limitless potatoes/pipi/literally-anything-else. This is a problem in my book.

Longevity is a huge deal in survival games, so even if it seems like I should just shut up and play the game, this will still bother me. If wild trees won’t regrow their fruit, farmed trees at least should, as potatoes/pipi/literally-anything-else does.

  1. Map making is not necessary… You may find it hard to find pen and paper if you were stuck on an island in real life… And besides, as soon as the paper got wet and the ink ran, it’d be useless to you in any case…

What I do and many others do (and what I would advise…) is to use a stick (or some other resource you don’t care about) to ‘point the way’ back to the previous island you was on. following chains of pointers, you should be able to find home…

  1. I would like to see coconut regrowth though, even it it did take a long while.