0.90.11 PC STABLE BUILD - Patch Notes

Hi Everyone,

Below are the patch notes for stable build 0.90.11 for PC.


  • Changed ‘Bandage’ description to make revive usage clearer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inventory being wiped when a desynced object is stored inside.

  • Fixed desync issues caused by ‘Hog’ duplicating when killed.

  • Fixed client toolbelt not unlocking when reloading.

  • Fixed clients griefing with the dev console.

  • Fixed host and client able to overlap craftable items when placing.

  • Fixed host and client stuck on loading screen after accepting an invite while operating a ‘Boat Motor’.

  • Fixed raft failing to load for client when joining an in-progress game where the host is operating a ‘Boat Motor’.

  • Fixed P1’s held item not updating for P2 when auto-equipping end-game aircraft parts.

  • Fixed end game aircraft ‘Interact’ text not localized.

  • Fixed lobby texts not localized.

  • Fixed various options settings not localized in Italian and German.

  • Fixed ‘Copyright’ and ‘Credits’ texts not localized in French, Italian and German.

  • Fixed Inventory ‘None’ title and description not localized.

Known Issues

  • Fixed inventory from being wiped: Fixed a single broken item preventing inventory storage from saving. We’re still investigating a solid repro for this, but from now on the offending item will be removed and the rest of the inventory will save correctly. If you notice a specific item disappearing, please report it, along with as much information as possible about the events leading up to experiencing the issue.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Stranded Deep and the team as we work on issues reported to us by the community.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


I love this game, but…:
this annoying bug (cannot interact any more after x hrs) is terribly killing the joy.

→ when this bug will get fixed?