Yuca Tree(In farming plot) causes the error

If anyone has the same issues with yucca tree you planted(More than one). When I move the camera around near the yucca tree I planted(60 days ago), it lags. then when I got out of the barrier just when I get back to my shelter, it froze and the message popped up it said an error occured. It causes the issues permanently. I don’t know why it happened or something it shouldn’t be made, I wish they can do something about this Yucca trees causes the issues. I don’t want to leave this game just because I wasted my time on it. If anyone read this, please help.

Hi FJOjeda64,

Thank you for reporting this. I moved your post to the Console Bug Reports section so I could address this issue you’re having and ask some additional questions:

Please let me know:

  • What console are you playing on?

  • Are you playing version 2107? (This number should show in the bottom left of the main menu)

  • When you say “When I got out of the barrier” what do you mean by this? Do you mean the area in which you experience lag?

  • Do you regularly harvest the Yucca?

  • If so, do you remove the fruit as well as the leaves?

  • If you harvest it, and the fruit, are there duplicates of resources or is it what you would expect from 1 yucca tree?

  • Is there anything else in the area around the yucca? (a screenshot may help here)

  • If there are additional items in the area, are there a lot of loose items on the ground, such as the leaves harvested?

  • Do you experience lag anywhere else on your island?

  • When the error message pops up, is it from the game crashing, or an in-game message?

Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated and I can pass this onto the team so they can look into it as well as potentially offer some suggestions for workarounds while the team investigates.

Thank you.

  1. Nintendo Switch

  2. No

  3. Yes. When I drag the raft in and out of the island it creates lag.

  4. Yes

  5. Well, Kura and Quwawa trees are ok but removing the yucca tree is a big problem, I tried to get rid of to prevent lagging and closing software error but I couldn’t.

  6. I harvested 5000 leaves with only one Yucca tree. I let it regrow for the next 60 days and it just started the lag and it closed my game cuz of the error occured

  7. No

  8. Yes. There are rocks, clays, palm leaves and others I gathered

  9. Dragging the raft out of the island is also causing the lag when 60 day re-grow Yucca tree is involved

  10. Both

Hi FJOjeda64,

Thank you for answering my questions. As the Nintendo Switch version is handled by an external team, I will record the information you have provided and pass it onto them.

I can also offer some suggestions that may help reduce the lag on your island.

It sounds like there is a combination of two issues occurring. It seems the Yucca tree may be duplicating within its farming plot, and you are only supposed to gain 6 leaves per harvest and then it needs to regrow. If you’re getting a lot more than this, then there are duplicates of the tree in the same place providing additional resources. This could cause a lag build up in the game as the yucca plans overlap and multiple items are being added to your island.

The other thing that can cause a very large lag buildup on an island is large numbers of loose items. If you have a lot of loose leaves for example, these individual items will contribute to the lag. Where possible, with items like rocks etc, I would recommend using the piles feature to store them, while it may look like a regular pile, the items are held in a container type state. I would also suggest using crates to store any other non-pile items where possible.

Storing loose items will help on any island affected by them to a degree, but I would suspect the duplicated yucca will continue to be a source of problems on the island in question. If it’s similar to a issue that was occurring on other consoles, the Yucca plant could be duplicating with every save and reload. As I’m not a dev, I cannot say for sure. You may have some luck with destroying some of the overlapping plants too.

Correction: after tracking down the original issue report it seemed the only havestable items duplicated on save and reload, but the plant could potentially be the only plant in the farming plot.

I will highlight this issue for the team as well as the similarities it has to over issues that have occurred before so they can pass it onto the team working on the switch version.

Thank you again.

Thanks so much, and you’re welcome :+1:

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